Winter Sports Week, Vox

A week of in celebration of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Five videos covering everything from aerodynamics to concussions to climate change. This series was nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction: News category in 2023.

This project had a special problem I wanted to solve: everyone was sick of working from home. It would have been easy for the team to produce these videos behind the computer using After Effects, but we decided to build our anchor visuals using physical props. We were specifically inspired by vintage ski passes and vintage Olympic stamps which we referenced while designing.

We tried to create most of our visuals on camera instead of animation, including maps and charts. We spent a week preparing for all the props and then spent two days shooting in the Vox Media studio with a skeleton crew. Each producer was given a time slot over the two days. These videos came together quickly due to little to no animation work — but most importantly, this was such an energizing project and we had so much fun making them.

⮕The hidden reason Olympic sledding is so dangerous
⮕The Italy-Switzerland border is melting
⮕Why the Olympic monobob event is only for women
⮕The secret to winning a short track speed skating race
⮕Why ski jumpers hold their skis in a V

Art Direction: Dion Lee
Design, Animation: Estelle Caswell, Christophe Haubursin, Sam Ellis, Kim Mas, Laura Bult, Ed Vega, Stephanie Swart, Matt Dunne
Producers: Marie Casione, Christophe Haubursin, Sam Ellis, Kim Mas, Laura Bult, Ed Vega
Supervising Producer: Cath Spangler
Production Manager: Ashley Sather
DP: Mimi D’Autremont
Executive Producer: Mona Lalwani