Flow Thinking

In a special four-part series presented by Dropbox, Ezra Klein talks to experts and groundbreaking pioneers about inspiration, creative thinking and how to focus on what matters.


This four-part animated series were created to promote the podcast, The Ezra Klein Show. I commissioned four amazing artists to animate selected soundbites from each episode. 

The soundbites were selected & edited by me. Each of the artists had a color palette to work with for cohesion.

Jenny Odell on lucid dreaming
By Dante Zaballa

How Michael Lewis conducts an interview
By Ariel Costa

What babies teach us about psychadelics
By Jimmy Simpson

Ezra Klein on attentional inequality
By Louis Wesolowsky

Producer & Creative Director: Dion Lee
Animation Directors: Dante Zaballa, Ariel Costa, Jimmy Simpson, Louis Wesolowsky