False Positive, Vox

False Positive is a 3-part documentary series about the wrongful conviction of Robert Lee Stinson. What do you do when forensic science fails?

While most true crime stories rely on archival footage and reenactments, we didn’t have enough archival assets — so we had to be creative. The charts and diagrams were made with paper texture we created through collage.

We originally had an idea to use the scanner light as a motive, which connected well with legal themes in the story. The light idea also intersected with the lightbox we used to introduce visual evidence throughout.


⮕How bite marks made one man a murder suspect | Part 1
⮕How junk science convicted an innocent man | Part 2
⮕A murder solved, 23 years later | Part 3

Art Direction: Dion Lee
Design, Animation: Dion Lee, Joss Fong
Producer: Joss Fong
Associate Producer: Laura Bult
Editor: Nate DeYoung
Executive Producer: Mona Lalwani